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Meet Me At The Crossroads

Andrew Russe

Finally, at last… I’ve got something finished…

Been working on this for a few weeks.

A bit of a rocker… (and an aging lecherous one at that)

I got it as close as I could and then mixed it loud… I’ve over-cooked it slightly - but it doesn’t seem to suffer for it. If I hear anything nassty I’ll remix/master to get rid of the limiting, but I quite likes it like this…

This one is Lala’s fault, as well… She even provided some words - four of them – “incidentally”, “friday feeling”, and “crossroads”, but she’s not getting any royalties!

Meet Me At The Crossroads - A A J Russe

You never said you was coming
But then you never do
Standing there
In your underwear
Saying that you need some food

You got that Friday feeling
On a Wednesday night
So you put out a call
After mopping the floor
Incidentally I just might

You can meet me at the crossroads
The one at the end of the street
Bring a bottle of wine and a fancy line
I’ll have a red rose between my teeth

They never said it was easy
And neither did I
I didn’t think
It could happen to me
So imagine my surprise
When you said you was hungry
But just a little too late
Had my pipe and my slippers
And my teddy-bear
He was dreaming of you on a plate
We just didn’t expect it
A boy and his bear in a trance
I topped up my Oyster Card
So next time I’m ready to dance
Get your boots – I’m ready to dance

Meet me at the crossroads
You only have to cross the street
If it’s not too late for a dinner date
Perhaps there’ll be time to eat

You can meet me at the crossroads
Tie a yellow ribbon in your hair
Bring a bottle of wine and a fancy line
And I’ll be wearing my clean underwear

Meet me at the crossroads
You better bring a bag of treats
Cos I’m not too young for a little fun
When a stranger offers me sweets

You can meet me at the crossroads
Take a little stroll down that lane
I’ll bring a bottle of wine and a fancy line
I’ll be leaning on my zimmer-frame

Copyright © 2014 A A J Russe. All Rights Reserved.

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