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Guest said

Very nice progressive job!

Guest said

neato sleep when i die

Guest said

AWESOME track guys - will try and get you more listens - R4nger5 radio will make sure of it :-)

Endicott Road's avatar
Endicott Road said

My entire 2010 RPM Album had songs along the same line as your lyrics. I agree completely with what you're saying. ER

vaisvil's avatar
vaisvil said

wonderful - and the lyrics are like my own life. ACL is great!

Guest said

this was comforting

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

I'm with Doug, make that 2 pints. Wonderful production here. Very professional.

 ShamPain's avatar
ShamPain said

great words

dougsparling's avatar
dougsparling said

"With two jobs to go to and one on the weekend"...The more I listen to this song the better it gets.

dougsparling's avatar
dougsparling said

Love this track, think I'm gonna have a pint now.

Guest said

This is an absolute classic. C-l-a-s-s-i-c.

Oh My Goodness's avatar
Oh My Goodness said

so sweet and haunting. and funny. and tragic. and the strings come in so smoothly!

am/fm dreams's avatar
am/fm dreams said

hey your new album in the mail today..i love it....brilliant with a capital "B"...this is my favorite guys rawk!!!!!!! cheers, damian

am/fm dreams's avatar
am/fm dreams said

hey thanks for the kind words...glad you like...i am also a big fan of your music...i downloaded a bunch of your stuff a while back and have been listening to it constantly...this track is one of my favorites... cheers, damian

dwalsh's avatar
dwalsh said

reminds me of the Weeds theme song

Orphans's avatar
Orphans said

i dig this...nicely done-

OHHO's avatar
OHHO said

That is freaking Great! Love it!

David Marcouillier's avatar
David Marcouillier said

Good stuff. Great arrangement...

Guest said

Wow! You have created a great song! I also like the comment about "home of the industrial-sized mosquito!" :) John (creator of SonicMood)

J dY Stamp's avatar
J dY Stamp said

Great song! I like everything. And I agree with glu - this is a hit!

glu's avatar
glu said

f**K! this is a hit! You guys really nailed the current sentiment. what an important song. The American's an anachronism. wake up America!

Al's left hand's avatar
Al's left hand said

I like the overall idea but I have a couple suggestions for the lyrics. First, it's a little clumsy; I've never heard "401k" sound poetic. Second, you sing about a character who's lost his future, but you don't show how this happened. Especially in light of the "401k" and "faceless concerns" lines, the picture that I'm getting is of a guy who's been trapped by his own choices, both productive (career) and consumptive -- while this absolutely can be a compelling story, it has to told, and with some introspection. Jess used to tell me, "Show it, don't say it". I think the key album to listen to for songs of this sort is Bruce Springsteen's The River, especially the title track. For all his characters that have lost there futures, there's a story. Sorry if I'm being a lyrics snob, it's just what I am. Thanks for writing about these ideas, it needs to be done.

Black Pepper Sea's avatar
Black Pepper Sea said

Very poignant - a 21st century parallel to Phil Ochs.

Minibar Madness's avatar
Minibar Madness said

Love the organ and the way the lullaby weaves in and out!

A Bit More Better Productions's avatar
A Bit More Better Productions said

god i love this. EPIC!! Futures dont often arrive on time do they? Mines late now..

Rob and Laura's avatar
Rob and Laura said

Beautiful. I love the "future...future...FUTURE...future" etc. Nice subtle wit, and great instrumentation.

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