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suspended sea


An improvisation on the resonator, played lap style.

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newbold said

This is excellent,,, woe it is,,

Reefwalker said

i would fav this one more time if a could

cuthbert said

There’s quite a journey to be had here - what a cool feel from the slide guitar!

Guest said

Hey thanks for the comment on ‘Buzz killer’!

communitytrees said

this is beautiful
makes me feel so at peace

and whats that track in the background at about 1:05

James Michael Taylor said

Nice music for a rainy day….

Guest said

listening to this song the 2nd time is always more refreshing then the 1st…thanks for uploading.

corbinSound said

holly balls
When i said that last comment I had not realized that like a quarter way into the song your song clockwork romance started playing and for some reason it sounded like the greatest thing i’ve ever heard in my life
Both great songs by the way

corbinSound said

you are amazing

Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate, interesting tuning works well mate.

c}{imps 8 my ears said

smooth tones, nice tune.

childhoodsend said

ooh. Very good sound. Love the slides…

Dave Berry said

Deep man, very deep. Such a great sound.

dougsparling said

Quite stunning in it’s beauty and complex simplicity…

Guest said

beautific shades of faheyishness

Guest said

That is an alternative tuning isn’t it….I mean way alternative ….sounds good though!…was somebody rattling a crate of bottles at the mic?


Nice Job


Guest said

Muy FNB!

xenotolerance said

Gorgeous tone, dig the tuning.

Reefwalker said

Wow Kavin, very good. Enjoyed it.

another cultural landslide said

Wonderful as always :)

mmi said

Beautiful track. Listening for the umpteenth time and starting to find the little details you added. It’s like a treasure hunt.

Wildgeas Music said

I enjoyed that one!!

launched said

Very bold and powerful recording. Perfect slide.

K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

…nice, nice work, my friend; beautiful!

This is IT, dr..

(How might you have recorded this?)

Dare I say it: Might we colab some time?

kavin. said

thanks, yawl. @Richard: the pic was taken at Spider Rock overlook in Canyon de Chelly in the Navajo reservation, Arizona.

richardlaceves said

i ment improv,,,

richardlaceves said

very nice,, by the way,, what canyon is that in your profile picture? improve pieces can be a lot of fun,, well done

Guest said

Very nice! Great feel to it!

kirklynch said

Nice improv Man!

Guest said

very nice

Keith Landry said

Very cool… I’m amazed by how you can play different tunings so smoothly. Just great stuff, Kavin. Damn, what a sound.

Guest said

Sounds good to me!

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