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I liked this one a lot more before realizing (after all of the tracks were finished) that the guitar part is awfully similar to a Throwing Muses song from the brilliant House Tornado album.

My plan to double all rhythm guitar and vocal parts means the chorus on this song has four voices (two part harmony with each part doubled) and I really like the way it sounds. Maybe before RPM is over I’ll try quadruple tracking three part harmony. It’ll probably sound like a huge choir. Coool.

The guitars are all ES-335.

If I only knew
What I put you through
I would make it easier on you

If I could ever say
Why it feels this way
I would know just what to do

If it could all have been true
I’d have had a clue
I would never have delayed

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Gene Eric Mann said

Sweet lead guitar break, nice vocal mix, interesting arrangement of chords.