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Song For Charles

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7/8 time and the song form is A-B-C-D-A. Just a goofy little attempt at not repeating sections. This is the second time this RPM I’ve done that. Sort of.

I don’t know where the idea for writing about Darwin came from, but for me when an idea comes I just have to roll with it. Even if it doesn’t work too well.

I started writing this song at about 10:00am on Saturday 2/21 and finished mixing it at about 8:30pm on Saturday 2/21. Over the course of the day I probably spent 3 hours on it. I don’t know why, but I think it’s cool to write a whole song in one day. Someday I’ll do an album in a day, but for today it’s cool to write a song in a day.

The guitars are all ES-335, and the vocals were recorded while sitting in my car in a piano store parking lot.

dont you dare deny it
dont you dare complain
everythings evolving
nothing stays the same

you dont see the changes
but they’re always there
miniscule mutations
happen everywhere

and you curse him
for his words
and you blame him
for the world

then you twist him
to your needs
and you lie to
everyone you see

its a theory
its hypothesis
its reality

words and numbers
facts and figures
add it up it tells the truth
solid data
put it to world changing use

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Gene Eric Mann said

Love it, and the lead guitar break is especially juicy!