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New Horizons

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The final RPM Challenge/FAWM song for 2015! I’m done! Garageband has this running at 66bpm in 6/8 time. It probably should be 132bpm in 3/4, but you live with what you have, right? I didn’t really plan on saving this for last as it was one of the first songs that month that I thought might be decently good. It’s okay, but not much better than that. The lyrics are an ode to NASA’s New Horizons probe which will be flying past Pluto in a couple of months. I’m really looking forward to the pictures.

The guitars are all ES-335.

three billion miles in nine years
and still far to go
no eyes have ever seen
but soon you will know

a landmark in speed and distance
this thing we’ve achieved
a breakthrough on every level
and you will succeed

beyond comprehension
how far you have gone
no way to relate to it
and still you fly on

The fastest thing ever
no ship can come close
36 thousand miles per hour
and you’ll never slow

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Gene Eric Mann said

Great topic for a song! Good lyrics, kick ass guitar. Rock on!