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The Ghost In 314

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RPM Challenge song #6. Look at me, half way there!

Everything I had for the month was really slow until this fell into my lap. I sort of forced it, but it was fun to record.

The lyrics are a ghost story about a spirit that haunts the Mt Washington hotel. I included a link to the blog post that inspired the song.

All the guitars are ES-335.

The Ghost in 314

They built a deterrent
in the number of steps
each stairway is different
They don’t know what to expect

she knew her way ‘round
and they couldn’t fool her
so after she passed on
she found her way back again

In room 314
Carolyn can still be seen

On mount washington
The family business is never done

The balcony looks down
on the people below
She still out shines them
and still nobody knows.