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White Out

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This is one of those songs that I had in my head complete (except for the lyrics) and I was really excited about. Unfortunately, what we have on the demo sounds nothing like what I was hearing in my head. With the possible exception of the snare drum in the first measure. The lyrics ended up being about snow. Sort of. New England has had the snowiest three weeks in history (there is another blizzard raging outside as I type this) and it’s already starting to feel like we’ve been buried alive in snow for years and years and years instead of just a few weeks.

The guitars are all ES-335 and the Amp is my old Fender Stage.

Just another day
Everything’s the same
Never going to end
don’t bother to pretend

Always be this way
nothing left to say
futures looking grey
make it through today

What’s left to say what’s left to do
There’s nothing left for me and you
I can’t explain what we’ve gone through
The world is emptiness its true

The sky is falling to the ground
It covers everything around
The world is lost and can’t be found
There is no chance we will rebound

There is no escape
There is no mistake
buried half alive
we will not survive