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That Time Of Year

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It only took four songs for me to start writing lyrics about being worried about finishing RPM on time. Typical.

This was originally just a few separate 8 bar phrases. Normally I’d spread them out and create some sort of song form out of them. This time though I had been listening to them without any form, just one after the other, and I got used to it and kept it. I just repeated the whole thing once and then stretched the end a bit. Not sure if I like it, but I have a feeling we’ll see something like this again before February is over.

The guitars are all ES-335.

there’s only so much time to waste
so many words to say
pressure building up on you
get it done today

clock keeps ticking
deadline coming
time is short
no more bluffing

No sense pretending you are
in it deep
Have to get moving you have
promises to keep

That time of year
Have to go through it again
Just one more time
Have to keep pusing ahead