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Critical Mass

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The first song completed for the 2015 RPM Challenge. This is historic for me in that it’s an RPM song that used a real amplifier instead of a software simulator. It’s not my cool Marshall, it’s my Fender who once took a bath in gasoline (long story).

Not sure I’m happy with this. I’m too tired to know if the mix is any good, and I might have to re-do the rhythm guitars. Is my D string flat in the chorus?

The lyrics are meaningless. The first verse was written independent of the music, which is pretty rare for me.

The guitars are all ES-335 through a Fender Stage amp that may or may not have the slightest hint of 17 year old gasoline.

Once again I find myself here
Looking out on an empty space
Spin around there’s nothing for miles
nothing left to hold me in place

approaching critical mass
running low on gas
shatter like I’m made of glass
Let me take a pass

One more time
Let’s do this
One more time
Let’s roll

Any chance to move ahead
road blocks and danger signs
In a trap and I can’t get free
just another sign of the times

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

Classic rock and roll man. It's a keeper :)

Justin Otter Guy's avatar
Justin Otter Guy said

I really, truly dig this rift! Choice lead chomps! I good with the lyrics too -- Rock on!