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Two Years Left

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Have you seen the movie The Theory of Everything? I highly recommend it in a “I hate these damn movies that make me ball my eyes out” kind of way. The lyric to this song is sort of inspired by Dr Hawking’s diagnosis. He’s given two years to live. Can you imagine how crushing that must have been? What can you accomplish in that short a time? Fortunately the estimate was off by 50 years or so.

Musically this is super simple. Really, really slow with almost nothing but a little noodling in the rhythm guitars to break things up. This is the only RPM/FAWM song that doesn’t have every vocal track doubled. I figured one exception to the rule would be nice, although its harmonized all the way through.

The guitars are all ES-335.

two years left to do
everything that’s left to you
Two years and that’s all
two years left to think
every thought you have to think
two years and that’s all

how do you accept it
how do you comprehend
how can you believe it
how can you defend

can you be defiant
can you stand and fight
the truth is so clear now
how can it be right

two years used to be
an eternity
now it’s all that I have left

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Gene Eric Mann said

He was diagnosed at 21, told he had 2 years left -- 3 years at most -- and now he's 73! Glad the story inspired you. Good topic for a song. Good lyrics, good music, and the vocals does it all great justice, sung with feeling.