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MMI's Ghost

Uploaded .

An experiment with granular “freezing” in Boîte Diaboliqué this time using a few seconds of guitar from MMI.

Using granular synthesis it is very hard to get a real “freeze” effect although by using very high grain density and selecting grains from a static position you can get close. But it still has that kind of metallic character that granular synthesis gives you. I’m hoping to experiment with spectral freezing soon.

This one is an all Reaktor show with a tempo sync’d delay and SpaceMaster reverb to round out the sound.

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SuperChris said

cooooool dude. I feel like i'm floating.

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skiks/bruce hamilton said

very cool track here! as for freezing have you ever used GRM Tools Freeze or Riverrun? the former esp does a very nice job with any source. & thanks for the comments. as for "shook me", it had chunks processed in MetaSynth; then arranged w/more processing in DP.

Guest said

Hey thanks for the compliment and the critic, that was an excellent comment. always looking for critics (it reshapes itself as work related)

Guest said

@ Sister Savage. I wish I'd thought of that, but you got older than 3. Sounds like a land slip on a distant and eerie planet.

Guest said

I'm listening to this track, eating my dinner by candlelight, when a lone balloon drifts down the staircase apparently unaided by human hand. Luckily I can blame a mischievous (and out of bed) 3 year old, otherwise I would be very afraid.

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Johnny Stone said

Yep I'm with Kirk it's all to high tech for me but it is very cool.

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mmi said

Not only is this really cool on its own but bonus cool points for pointing the way to some excellent future experiments. Freezing is definitely the new black.

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kirklynch said

Didn't understand a word you said about how this was done, but it sounds very cool!

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igor said

~the memories of last year's wind that was blowing just yesterday~ engraved in metal~