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Neurotik Beat 5

Uploaded .

Still playing with my Neurotik sequencer made using Max for Live. This one turned out a bit strange. I was actually using it to drive Kontakt with cello & violin patches.

It was sort of interesting but not quite working when I dropped CamelSpace on it by accident. I quite liked the result and added a few more effects.

The result is a little too repetitive for it’s 3+ minute length but I still rather like it.

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eshar said

All your work that I've listened to so far resonates with me at a molecular level. I enjoyed this a lot. :)

Guest said

Yeah Sandbags, this is great!

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Mr Sandbags said

This track was remixed by [licoresse]( as [Mountain People v2]( It's great, give it a listen.

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Licoresse said

I'd like this in 24bit/48, can I play with it?

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mmi said

yay for Camel toys! they're like HP sauce for me

Guest said

I like it. Sounds like a funky train.

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Johnny Stone said

This is really good mate.

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launched said

I actually enjoyed the repetition - After three listens it proved to be quite a stress reliever!