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Since I Was a Little Kid

Uploaded .

This is a captured and then edited live performance using the Sonar Matrix view using various samples - some of which were paul stretched.

I’m liking this - if only they had the possibility to change the pitch live it would be like sticking my hands inside of OMPT like it were a piano and playing the strings with my fingers…

As it stands I can sequence vertically and horizontally - literally a matrix - of any arbitrary size.

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kirklynch said

Damn- this is intense. Nice piece of work!

Guest said

Agree with Regs - the vox is a great touch!

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Newbold said

This makes me want to take some time and learn the OMPT too.

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vaisvil said

OMPT = Open Mod Plug Tracker - a program that turns your computer into a sampler.

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thetworegs said

Excellent the vocal adds tremendously to the madness........

Guest said

Powerful Sound!