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Two Old Friends

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Last one for today, promise. Two Old Friends - again from 1983 and created using 2 cassette decks,4 channel mixer, Fender Mustang, vocals. Lyrics by Evan Harrington.

Two Old Friends

Leaves bear mark of the changing of season
Soon to be crushed under foot, under paw.

Two old friends quite oppositely natured,
Neither too quickened to point out a flaw.

The law of nature
is strongly opposed-
Leaves engaging in war with themselves.

Two old friends,
Seldom do they see
That the veins within,
Like the vines without,
Carry only withered fruit,
Ever-releasing root.

Winter buries all with a glaze.
Forgotten as debris the days.
They came to form some inner ways.
They left, the focus now in haze…

Two old friends
Two old friends

Words by Evan Harrington

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skiks/bruce hamilton said

pretty fucking cool!

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Nice one buddy!