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Bad Loop

Uploaded .

More LoopShifted piano accompanied by Stylus RMX and Omnisphere. At over eight minutes it’s perhaps a little self-indulgent but maybe it’s more like punting down the river Styx than jet-skiing on a lake of fire.

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skiks/bruce hamilton said

like it; cool that you're making nice stuff with M4L. I'm also going to check out your LM software. thanks for checking out Body Dis in full; glad you enjoyed it.

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BraedenVMusic said

this is sweet man

Guest said

i like the vinyl bass to it..impressive stuff!

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Terrapin said

i like the variations in the bass. very atmospheric song.

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Alister Flint said

very subtle and nuanced, excellent ambient..

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Cave Street said


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kirklynch said

Very Cool! Really digging this bit around 6 minutes or so!

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Mr Sandbags said

Ah mes non, it appears I have mislead you. What sounds like a guitar is in fact.. a guitar. It's one of the very nice lap steel guitars from Omnisphere and I play the chords I used for the piano part which was used to create the main glitchmosphere.

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mmi said

This is a keeper. That thing that sounds like a guitar is actually an affected piano? Very cool.

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dAb said

Very cinematic, I love the space in it, makes me imagine a self-luminated living cave system. I'll be listening again on a nice pair of headphones later on tonight. Keep it coming! :)

Guest said

Really love the part around 3 minutes with the piano. Think this is some of your best work, Bags.

Guest said

Ha, you need to work on your advertising. ;-) Pretty cool sounds! Have been listening to my children playing Ice Age on their play station all morning - this kind of track would fit perfectly in some of the eerier scenes. Very nice!

Guest said

Really spookie late night, gonna check the door locks.

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Johnny Stone said

Cool sounds mate great mix.