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Baby Has A Good Time Anyway

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Recorded Oct 2010.

It was meant to be a full band pop-rock song. But I started overdubbing on the original exploratory demo I’d done to work out the arrangement (with no click track). I kept coming back to it intending to start afresh… but then it ended up like this and I knew it was done…

Baby Has A Good Time Anyway - A A J Russe

At a bus-stop by the Broadway
She awaits her camel train
In her Monsoon bag she carries
All her toys for when it rains

Baby has a good time anyway
Bangs it hard against the wall
Baby has a good time anyway
Wrings it out and lets it fall

It’s not like Judas was a stranger
She knew the stories very well
Now when she’s watering the pavement
She paints a picture I could sell

Baby has a good time anyway
Leaves you swimming in a dream
Baby has a good time anyway
She grabs the spoon to lick it clean

In a boat built for bananas
Or underneath her mango tree
Sucking in life’s every essence
One finger circling on her knee

Baby has a good time, anyway
Back in Chelsea with her tan
Baby has a good time, anyway
No need for knickers or a man

Copyright (C) 2010 A A J Russe. All Rights Reserved.

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Johnny Stone said

Brilliant great sound, top vocals, all round great track.

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Sister Savage said


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Tiggy Acworth said

Really enjoying your songs...mellow listening, great lyrics. Class production!

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Andrew does it again!

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stoman said

One of my favorites of yours, Andy. But then again ... I think I like all of your great songs the same. You have such a terrific voice, and your songwriting is as profound as your lengthy explanations (which I love, btw! :) ). Keep them coming!

Guest said

Great song-writing - awesome delivery!

Guest said

Nice stuff, Andrew. Thanks for the listen over on our page!

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Gumbo said

Brrrings it out !! love it Shades of Steve Harley perhaps and those harmonies are stunning. spot on and punchy as hell. Great song.

Guest said

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