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Ten, Twelve Years

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A song written for a great girl who’ll be getting married next year…

“You’ll always be this young if love comes first
And you stay filled with life.”

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Crooner said

Very nice acoustic style ballad with a suitably fine vocal performance - thumbs up from Croonesville!

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stoman said

One of the best songs I've ever heard on music portals. I've listened to it a lot, and I still love it.

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another cultural landslide said

How did I ever miss this? This is beautiful! Goes on my Keith Landry, fave list!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Hell yeah! This track is Gold bro! The true spirit of song writing... Share lessons learned... Try and Help! Another point about your songs.. A four minute song is a pleasure to listen to! That is hard to do bro! And you pull it off effortlesly!

Guest said

Ah, I thought you wrote it for your daughters. :-( Still gorgeous though!

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Keith Landry said

I'm glad you like this one so much, Tess. I actually wrote it for a friend of mine (a terrific girl) who'll be getting married next summer. I only see her once a year at her brother-in-law's Labor Day weekend party, and when I heard she was engaged, this song just came out... The sentiment could apply to any young girl, however... "You'll always be this young if love comes first and you stay filled with life."

Guest said

This is so beautiful...*deep sigh*

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iconoclast said

I love it when someone writes about the real in life. This is it. The kind of song that carries through life's changes. Music and the voice married perfectly.

Guest said

This made me cry. At breakfast time. You made me cry whilst making breakfast for everyone. They have soggy chocolate toast and cheerios now. And my coffee is salty. Beautiful, touching song. I wish I'd written this for my little daughters.