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by stoman


Mr Rinkytinkysplinkyflinkybibblybobblyboo

Uploaded .

Trying to see if I can break alonetone’s formatting with the song title ;)

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epimeison said

Nice nice nice!!!!!

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another cultural landslide said

LOL! My face is starting to hurt from smiling! w;-)

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Endicott Road said

Hey! You described me perfectly. How did you know? Just kidding. This is a good children's song. ER

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stoman said

WOW, what a delivery. Your British accent is perfect for this. :)

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Sandy Gritt said

this is nuts! ...and I like it a lot!

Guest said

Another beaut!!! (Who's your supplier?)

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thetworegs said

It's Flippetydipetidibblyayablous..........

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A Bit More Better Productions said

this is spiffly whiffly filfy fliffy andy dandy doo

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Newbold said


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Keith Landry said

Favorite line: "He used to be the queen of Peru."

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Keith Landry said


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Gumbo said

excellent again!

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Gumbo said

i'm starting to see a theme to your project this year ;-)