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Go The Ants

Uploaded .

This was something I wrote when my Son Ethan was here, but never got round to recording it…..

Thought I would give it a try today…

Was gonna be a poem, but found it suited music.

Hope you like it.



Go the Ant


Rushing around go the ants in the bottle.
They pick up the pace till it’s time to fall down.

Then in their sleep, when the world has stopped spinning, They dream of a bottle just larger than theirs.

Away from seasons that merged into constant.
Condition ideal for
A boost for their yield.

Oh to keep our halo….

With one that is pulling
another along .
Not equal by birth
in colonial wrongs.

And one sits a top of the slaves and their masters..
Reliant on those
that drink toil in the day

Still it will dream of no more than a bottle.
Unsure of what else can surround all it’s days.

Oh to keep our halo….

And one day the bottle went crashing around them.
Awake for a moment when change filled their land.

So then they wondered away from the wreckage.
Walked in a line until dirt became sand.

Found was their freedom, away from their bottle,
But then to return to the ruins they Marched.

Oh to keep our halo….

One thousand walk back through the sand and the dessert .To fields full of glass and their captor of past.

And with them they hold what they found on their journey.
The freedom they craved
In a grain of the sand.

Oh to keep our halo….
So why have they come back to where they were captive.
Holding their spoils for inspection again.

Held in their strength is a need for their order.
Which seeped from the centre of all that they’ve known.

Oh to keep our halo….

And so they continue
to crawl to the line.
now drunk on the freedom they drank out of cast.

And then they deposit the silt in their common,
which dries up the earth that they spilled from the glass.

And then they did leave it.
A desert now desert .
In search of a fire
to forge it to glass.

So confused they nurture
their sand into order .
And dream of a flame to bring back what they had.

Oh to keep our halo….

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stoman said

Wow, I hadn't heard this before. Great folk tune, perfect delivery. Regards, Steffen

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oldrottenhead said

huz embday sed braw tell yer maw? naw? well let it be said BRAW TELL YER MAW

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Johnny Stone said


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thetworegs said

Brilliant ....performance ..lyrics....the lot it ....

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T. Alan Dekker said

I likw this very much. Thanks for uploading.