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A Hundred And Twenty Pound

Uploaded .

A tale of keeping your head above the water, or not…

Recorded Jan-Feb 2011.

I wrote it many years ago, never thought I’d ever do anything with it.

I intended to record this with just an acoustic and my new EDB (electric upright bass), but I couldn’t quite keep the interest up with it like that. So I added a full band and ended up with this.

A Hundred and Twenty Pound - A A J Russe

Sewn into the lining of an overcoat I found
There was the princely sum
Of a hundred and twenty pound
Beside this welcome windfall there came a crumpled note -
Bear with me stranger
And I promise my overcoat

I watched the burning candle from seven through to eight
I tried to call the office
But it was way too late
I listened for the rolling of thunder in the hills
The tell-tale flash of lightning
But everything was still

And you can buy your way out
If you’ve got the money you came in with
Yeah you can buy your way out
If you’ve got the money you came in with

Where is the money that I gave you?
Your inheritance?
You spend it all on contracts
With people who make no sense
Gaze deep into the water
Underneath the arch
That’s where you saw the body
And now you understand in part

You won’t forget easily
The pale and bloated face of he who saved you
You won’t forget easily
The contents of the crumpled note he left you
‘Cause where you’re going he has been
He’s written back to say he’s seen the queen
Of despair

You noticed how emphatically
He pointed out the bitch does not care

She will whisper in your ear
Slip into the water dear
Then the sods can keep their overdraft
Your wife and kids are catered for
They’re better off with you no more
Slip into the water dear with me
We’ll go swimming
It’s not cold
With me you never will grow old
Sleep with me
We’ll have some fun

And you read how emphatically
He warns you how despair does lie to one
And how her tale of giving up
Can almost sound as sweet as having won

Money in and money out
Management buy-out
Or should I wait for the earn-out?
Lord my hands are tied

Protect the mortgages
Keep up endowment policies
My pensions will be no use to me
If I decide to die

Round and round no money goes
Round and round and I don’t know
Round and round and so it goes
Round and round and round and round and round

And you can buy your way out
If you’ve got the money you came in with

I have it here
A hundred and twenty pound

Copyright (c) 1994 A A J Russe. All Rights Reserved.

Paul Matthews's avatar
Paul Matthews said

Super track - 70s feel and I get echoes of Family and Alex Harvey here....!

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

Heroic ballads... this is so cool. So glad you’ve shared these older works. Brilliant!

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said


Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

You are a mad man! This is F'ing epic! I can here influences throughout , Floyd, The who to name a couple. Spot on everytime. Magnifico!

The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co's avatar
The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Some excellent stuff here, nice one. :)

Guest said

AHAAA!!! Found it! Love this tune ... reminds me of all the classic tunes and times of the 70's when I was growing up ... kb

Guest said

Very classy work! What a pro.

Guest said

Yes this is simply cool/would sound nice live.

Tharek Ali Mokbul's avatar
Tharek Ali Mokbul said

You rule

Guest said

Great song, love the sudden change of tempo in the middle. Really enjoying your voice! Perfect diction!

Paul Chapman's avatar
Paul Chapman said

Nice ballad Andy. Pretty good piano playing if you ask me. Lots more goodies here for me to listen to - and listen I shall, as soon as time permits.

stoman's avatar
stoman said

Hi, Andy! I just joined the site. Good to find all your great music here. :) Regards, Steffen

Lena & Irina Panfilova's avatar
Lena & Irina Panfilova said

Interesting work.good live sounds.The voice is sometimes strong and powerful ,but yet becomes soft and delicate in other moments.Well,thank you for your comment about our songs.Bye!

Guest said

Impressive work!

Guest said

Very nice song, love the vocals, strat tones, great lyrics. I like the atmosphere too, very well done.

Orphans's avatar
Orphans said

wow...just wow...great stuff here...

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

Simply stunning........

Guest said

"You've buggered my day's recording!! I was meant to be working on a folkie thing... now I'm gonna be putting on the strat and reaching for the pedals!" Ha ha! Sorry about that...nothing wrong with putting on the strat tho' Cool track by the way :)

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Great track! It's really hard to pull off the one man band thing convincingly, but you did a hell of a job of it here. Great vocals! Drums sound like the real thing too.

albinoSQUIRREL (Todd Larsen)'s avatar
albinoSQUIRREL (Todd Larsen) said

Geez, you have a great voice! I love your sense of drama in your tracks. I don't know it you used real or programmed drums, but they sound great. This is a great song, and on my fave's list now too.

Guest said

Good one.