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This was written as part of a concept album inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso ,Trevor Lewis is a member of Songcrafters music forum , he came up with the idea of writing poems to 12 Picasso paintings , then put them out for people to put music to , the response was amazing , and the outcome was even more so , he ended up with an album of top quality songs which hopefully i will post a link to soon , i originaly played acoustic guitar thru a guitar rig 4 effect and sang Trevor’s lyrics , i then asked a friend named Tony Jones a guitar guru from soncrafters to add a few effects , to which he added tubular bells , synth , and swell guitar

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lgh said

This sounds great to these ears! Downloaded to my mp3 player for further review... Bravo LG

Guest said

The vox rule on this...This song rules!!

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Andrew Russe said

Wow... First time I've heard this one. Excellent song... and SUPERB vocal

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stoman said

I still love this song, Rob. And your voice is giving me goosebumps. Great job!

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Dave Berry said

Hi there buddy, good to see you over here. I totally love what you guys did with this song.

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thetworegs said

Agree with kirk good production

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kirklynch said

Great production and vocals! Very Nice!