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This is a piece written for 37signals, made to accompany a fun video they did on Letterpress printing

The track is best listened to in context of the video, since it’s scored directly to it. But here is some background:

The song is rooted in the acoustic guitar. It’s a piece that I’ve been sitting on for more than a year, but never really sat down and did anything with. The lead instrument is mandolin. During the soft fluttery parts where we see humans preparing things the mandolin is backed by an ebow played on an acoustic guitar, which provides that sound which is both flute-like and metallic.

When the machines come in, the mandolin gets snappy. The melody is doubled and strengthened by another acoustic. It’s all about steel and metal. The guitar and banjo kicks into rhythmic gear. At the end they are supported by an array of instruments being slapped and shaken, somewhat loosely. This is not a tight digital affair.

Banjo parts and playing courtesy of Andy Hentz.

Akatsuki's avatar
Akatsuki said

Got this Sicilian vibe to it. One of the better compositions I've heard in quite a few years.

Guest said

I like the liveliness of your recording. Very enjoyable! -dave21(scramjet fighter)

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CMOR said

This is a SOLID groove!! Wow, and beautifully produced... Thanks for being talented, too!!!

Guest said

Psychedelic! I so dig the richness. Nice handle on jazzing up that near-east scale. I like how the music side of your brain works and look forward to learning more about the rest of your brain -- ROCK ON!

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Movement To Contact said

Congrats!!! You have just won an M.T.C Music award!!! AWARD: SONG OF YEAR

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Johnny Stone said

Brilliant mate top video

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SuperChris said

Extreme talent.

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Sandy Gritt said

very stylish...some wonderful playing here.

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twirretwarre said

Ah, I like this! Very joyful although some nostalgic feeling to it so now and than.

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brando said

Very nice. With and without the video.

Guest said

Makes my day! Thanks for this great melody.

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Cave Street said

enjoyed the video! well done!

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thetworegs said

Checked out the video it fits perfectly an excellent job

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thetworegs said

Nice one

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vaisvil said

nice work !

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igor said

...I meant I like it :-)

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Djörk said

sounds great... amazing work... i never heard of an ebow until now :)

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Movement To Contact said

Had to go and watch the video, the music fit perfect with the video. Really loved the array of instruments and the concept behind the song. Digin it!

Guest said


Guest said

Folky touch

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Beautiful, man! YES

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igor said

~pretzel music~

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stoman said

Wow, great music! It has a certain Russian melancholy to it which I like very much.

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jakecarter said

That was great. Listened to it before watching the video and really liked it, but it fits the video perfectly. Awesome job!