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Guest said

very nice...

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Guest said

are you ok!!

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J dY Stamp said

а я часто слушаю Лену. У меня их целая коллекция на iTunes. Люблю твои песни, Лена!

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Sweet, very nice.

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stoman said

Privet! :) Great music and vocals. Please post more. And more. And more ... :D

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J dY Stamp said

Love balalayka part in this song! Great guitar performance by Miron! Do upload more, please!

Guest said

Вот это да !!! Изумительно красиво ...

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corbinSound said


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Sultry. Is that a real accordian??

Guest said

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!

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J dY Stamp said

My favorite song! Great song! Ready to listen to it all day long!

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richardlaceves said

wonderful flavor....expressive magic, as i tap my toes, i am transported for a few moments far from my s cal desert home --- nice arrangement, great strong instrumental tracks, that back up your strong voice

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Superb! Such an Expressive Voice! I can understand the feeling of the track even though I dont Understand the words... Great!

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sixmilewide said

Hi Elena, Lookin good soundin good, I wish I knew what you were singing about.

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Johnny Stone said

I enjoyed that very much great performance.

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Gareth Grant said

I love the performance.

Guest said

A nice and very sentimental tune. I enjoy the arrangement as well