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Mean 2 Me

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Year: 1984


Artist’s description:
From the primitive days of using two cassette decks and a 4 pot mixer (no panning, RRLL). I found one of the original double tracking tapes - this sounds complete but is 1st generation unlike the mp3 I had previously.

Fender Mustang and Yamaha CS-15 mono synth, vocals.

Mean To Me

you know you really have to decide
and there’s no one to help you besides
you have to chose between being free
or spend you life here with me

think of the life that’s there before you
all of the shining possibilities
think of my heart its aching for you
understand what you mean to me

you know there’s no time for games
you have to take it just the same
my love is here for you
now its only what you would do

think of the life we could have together
all of the shining possibilities
we could stay this way forever
understand what you mean to me

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another cultural landslide said

Oh yeah... w;-)

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richardlaceves said

interesting,,, you have multi interests/talents

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Lalo Oceja said


Guest said

Quirky! Great riffs!