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Quiet thoughts for quiet fights
Tumbled dry and folded rights
Wrapped up in a candied floss
Shrink-wrap now removed and lost

Curled, crunched into a ball
Out the window, into a wall
Bounce and twist and turn and spin
The truth is beaten into a sin

Silent thoughts for silent fights
Stitched in flesh and sewn so tight
Without belief there is no fall
The silent solstice will hear no call

Tattered and pushed on by wind
Fearing most it will never end
Down the curb, across the street
It’s shiny surface crushed by feet

Sinful thoughts for sinful fights
Where all is wrong and nothing right
Left is the hand of the devil’s make
The rotted pieces baked in the cake

There’s a twist upon these words
That the corners to be turned
Will never live again
All eroded by the wind…

Chris 7/14/98

Performance piece.
One of the few I play drums on.

casio midi keyboard
fender electric guitar
no name bass gutiar
a drumset bought on time
portastudio one as mixing board
cakewalk pro audio

Guest said

Shout out for these lyrics - brilliant! "Without belief there is no fall The silent solstice will hear no call"

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

I like this mate really cool.