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The Tar Under my Feet

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A blues rock piece for Fender Mustang with Guitar Rig 4, GR-20 Piano, GR-20 driven bass and drums and Absynth.

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FDR said

Likes this,heavy,spacey,nice one!

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Vestigial Remorse said

cool sound

Guest said

Showing your hard rock roots! Very cool (and heavy)!

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vaisvil said

On the three GR-20 pieces uploaded 6/8/11 this is how it works. In a nutshell - my guitar replaces a keyboard - but can do more. Everything you hear is driven by me playing my Fender Mustang in one improvised pass. Now, for each song the Fender Mustang by itself (or through an amp simulator) is heard - this sound comes from the traditional pick ups on the guitar. Besides that I have installed a Roland GK-3 pick up on my Mustang. This pick up has 6 tiny picks ups - one for each string and connects to a fairly large switch and then a 1/4" cable with some 11 lines - regular guitar output and 6 outputs for the GK-3. This cable connects to the GR-20 synthesizer / midi interface. The GR-20 first decodes, almost instantly, the note each string is playing. It then converts that to midi pitch information and shoves that out the back. More on that later. Also, since the GR-20 is a synthesizer besides, it takes the pitch information and routes it to an internal sound (if desired). The really interesting part is what happens when I route that midi output to my computer. At my computer Sonar lets me assign that midi data to any number of synthesizers / samplers/ what-have-you all at the same time. So, if I want a voice or strings or piano - no problem. As for drums - Kontakt has a really neat groups of sampled drum sets that are a combination of "one shots" and smaller loops. So for instance on one of the pieces when I played the C below middle C I got a snare roll, play the B below it I get the accent that finishes the roll. So, by playing many notes I get a complex assortment of drum sounds that are in time with my playing. I've used this technique before - I am learning how to control it better - and the response is different for each of the dozen or so drum kits packaged with Kontakt - and then consider the effect of different tempos - the result is a fair amount of variety.

Guest said

I can listen to this all day! awesome!

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Norm said


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thetworegs said

Love it

Guest said

Killer sound and nice playing

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kavin. said

some very moody blues there (not referring to the band)! Well played. Some old Beck/Clapton/Page sounds shining through.

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Jason Earls said

cool composition man. you asked about "One Chord & Four Notes" - nope i don't think i ever used b major, only arpeggiated down Bsus2.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate excellent.