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two stars poem remix

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This piece came from controversy over ratings at another website called

Tricky (Jeroen Broks) wrote and recited a poem that a number of people put to music in an impromptu competition. Original

Seeing how it came up in my play list as I’m attempting to make a 22 note per octave electric guitar I thought I’d share. I like the effects which came from abelton live (mostly).

Two stars shining there
Look wonderful everywhere
In the sky at night
Nobody has to fight

Two stars on the stage
Their pictures on the front page
You want to see them there
Call their names everywhere

Two stars they seem good
But here they pollute the mood
You’d also wonder thereoff
Why on TiS they piss people off

Guest said

I like your music very much - it's dramatic and compelling!

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Norm said

I think it is very smart that AT does not have a system of "ranking" or "rating" songs other than "favorite". Such a system, by it's very nature, is just going to hurt somebody's feelings.