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Forgive Me

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Year: 1999

Land of the Lost

Artist’s description:
Forgive me my voice!
This may be the most difficult vocal part I have written and tried to sing - but the vocal dissonance IS intentional.

Everything here (except vocals of course) is a soundfont
scored in Cakewalk Pro Audio.

I do wish the mix was better - play loud and use headphones if you want to hear the detail.

there is something like
bass (just a touch low in the mix but it is there)
12-string guitar
drums (a soundfont but a bit processed)
some percussion stuff here and there
a classic synth soundfont

Lysander Lapine for some advice on the sound

I think the lyrics might provide a clue…. and anyway I was looking for something to do with that nice 12-string soundfont

Forgive Me

The truth is that I have nothing to say
Father please forgive me
I wear sheep’s clothing to hide the fool
While I trace the footsteps ahead…
that I can not see
My future is as fated as surely…
as my life is a dream
Controled by choices only I can see

I have no faith
I trust no one I can see
I am blind where others have…
sight in the world
I am blind where others have…
faith in the world

My naked soul embodied in flesh
trembles at the self created horrors
we all must live with

Were is hope in a land of despair?

My soul is bound and gagged
by the same chains
My heart is torn and broken
by the same pains
My body is tempted and weakened
by the same gains

Father please forgive the follies of a fool
One as lonely as he
Who has nothing to say

kavin.'s avatar
kavin. said

Ever heard of Robert Wyatt? Very much that style. Good job.

launched's avatar
launched said

Yes - I love it! Beautiful morning for some epic prog. Impressive songwriting and production, and excellent work with the vocals & lyrics.

Guest said

My naked soul embodied in flesh trembles at the self created horrors we all must live with Powerful stuff.

Guest said

Well, you chose a piece very difficult to sing and you pulled it off. The music is beautifully done and I especially loved the piano.

Norm's avatar
Norm said

Great production and very poetic lyrics. Well done.

Lalo Oceja's avatar
Lalo Oceja said

Hey, nice very nice!! I loved the piano