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I Gave up Thinking for Better Things

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A composition in Semimarvelous 17 note dwarf for amplified voice, amplified piano, fretless electric guitar, amplified jazz drum kit and amplified Asian percussion. Words by William Newbold and Visual by Emily.

The dialog by William Newbold:

thing is – a minor chord is only what you want it to be Sunday. if you bitter my eye by twisting the son – well my gurgle is a fine mess indeed for a lost goose fat on the egg of the sand don’t cha think?

minors need less lung fish then most they say sunday is after Monday but money is always the last thing to change anything really…

“The son is not yellow he is chicken” like dylan but millin about is not the chord or the knot at the end.,? I gave up thinking for better things but I just don’t No what is next yet making a goose egg sandwich is next to the list of half-lifes eateries left on atomic scales and fish heads alike..

social realities that might …, consider the tao of hypocrisies hyper critical during this week that is starting tomorrow or tada(y) we never ever end on the last word but soon the first of many words to long to remember where to put the period or stop the flowing streams of music./video views of mind and matter spirit spit and spatter like ever thing needs to be organized like everything needs a category or section and level

to be realized at @ the being of now we find the time of tao and the tao of time lies like rude flamboyances in the echo chambers of becoming becomes more. of or limited to. those that were in art and arts of what will. 15 million years later we still have not changed but what is time and half of that behind us now. but you have not accounted for the fact that we are not here

Dont spoon my gas or i’ll wipe your Mars Bar with my motorcycle

given now as the eternal experience of being would I consider myself half a being when I get some kind of half life… (don’t mind me this is mid-life crisis starting this week) the week ending on the beginning of thought and then what is there a floor plan for what we can think and can not think -(with a bugs bunny accent here)

the war of thinkin mom can help at this point with the rent … what the rent is due again… made in like the way past, when? where we get along with the sky people as they eat what ever is left of the sky and then there are the left overs compared to right over there the piece of pie in the mind of thinking small is compact and big is what adults remind us that the last of the half life is funny this is going in the wrong direction

again … define artist then define the artist that we want to be then make something up totally different and think that the ear-lob-star earring is almost opening in to tears of forced art creations that mean sad is good and makes money but then they take that money like it never existed because it never did just plastic forks they make with the credit bugs that eat the spiders in the mars hotel for talking wait for telling the MAN that they bit the ziggy thumb so his hand was flushed down the subspace time lab experiment in social realities that might … that is another story for the next post in the thread maybe… I can’t go on but will still be here for the moment of truth for now half the time i write nonsense that hurts my knee from hidden thoughts that mean any thing that values what ??

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Wildgeas Music said

That was wacky. However, I do get along with the sky people.

Guest said

Brilliant production!

Guest said


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eee said

Video dare I say? there are images here I used in the words possibly "killing for peace" like concept.

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Norm said