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by vaisvil


blahh, Blah, Blaaahed

Uploaded .

a collaboration with nebulonicalchemy - the original is here

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kirklynch said

Wild stuff! Great job guys!

Guest said

Exciting collab! Very intriguing piece!

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kavin. said

This is trippy good. Like Santana in a blender.

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vaisvil said

what I did was play two tracks of violin with a viola bow and 1 track of fretless guitar bowed with the viola bow and finger picked with your track. I then noise reduced the takes and sliced them into appropriate loops - with the two styles of playing fretless separate into 4 channels of Sonar's Matrix view. Then I wanted more time so I took your track and reversed it and tacked it onto the end. After that I set up matrix view with the loops and effects into 4 audio channels. (guitar rig, dblue glitch, lexicon reverb, cakewalk amp sim absynth 5 effects and camel space) Some of the clips got effects as well. I then performed matrix view live against your track + reversed track. This left the clips in the audio track - some of those I randomly reversed the audio here and there. Then I mastered and uploaded. One other thing I did to you track was impose a volume envelope and then put a compressor on top - those two things kinda fight it out.

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Norm said

This is destined to be my attorney's favorite song: his name is Bob Lawblahb; yes the founder of Bob Lawblahb Law. Great collab, guys!

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Wildgeas Music said

Ending was fun. Well worth every minute.

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Wildgeas Music said

I was on for both of these uploads. Less than 2 hours apart. That's freakin' amazing.

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Wildgeas Music said

Man, that was quick. I've never seen such a thing. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!