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This is a one guitar (Fender Mustang) improvisation leveraging my GR-20 into bass guitar, strings, synth wash + strumming and percussion. At 2:58 my low A string breaks and then my left forearm and hand cramps up. But it was fun as it lasted.

Guest said

I pressed the wrong button again. Oh I'm so rubbish! Try again Bee! I said, Cool improvisation here. Gutsy and string snappingly good.

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thetworegs said

Love it some great sounds as sister says Epic with a capital E.......shame the cramp stopped it....has a taste of E.L.P...great stuff

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Movement To Contact said

Very coooool, i hate it when string break.

Guest said

Haha, let's hear it for the hand cramps! Epic sounds!

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Norm said

Way to work through the pain!