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The Spell

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Movement To Contact said

This is insane!!!

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Newbold said

The light bulb in the kitchen just blew out, seriously dag nabit LOL We can add to this I am sure... Maybe some Yes themed discord? to add to the Neo-Crimson progression textures.

Guest said

I think you have aptly named this track. Tremendous atmosphere here. Love the spell casting in the middle. I have to say it made me feel uncomfortable. Mission accomplished!

Guest said

Wow! Awesome!

Guest said


Guest said

HUGE! Play it LOUD!

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thetworegs said

Love it Chris.. so much going on.....

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kirklynch said

Never know what to expect next from you. Very cool!

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richardlaceves said

really a fun piece,,, im not exactly sure how to describe this in terms of type (perhaps ive led a sheltered life) but it's very cool,,, once again you show a different side of your creativity,, very nice