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Date: 7/27/97 12:49 PM
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Subject: Sawdust - Lyrics
——————— Message Contents
Well, here is a strange heavy metal tune for you all.
What I did was played along with the Drum machine Evan sent me
and sliced up the parts and pasted them together to create this.
The result is a pretty dissonant, heavy song. In many places
the guitar parts are actually opposing and in different ‘keys’,
if key is the right word for something a chromatic as this.
I do think it suits the lyrics. I hope you like it.

Tracks - that one guitar track got split into stereo. And there’s
a lead guitar, bass, drum machine and added percussion, split
vocals with and without octave divider, and backing vocal.

Now the excellent lyrics from Evan with his own intro:
[my changes in () ]

Hello, Chris. Here are some lyrics, mostly from 1992, when I lived on
Avenel Drive, in Farmer’s Branch. I was frequently hearing guns fired
our neighborhood, which I think had something to do with the operation
a gun store about a block away. So, I was contemplating spring and the
firing of bullets: the contrast and conflict of all of our separate
worlds and the resulting death of dreams and vision. It all seemed so
numbing and tragic. Of course, if you can find a musical use for these
lyrics, you are welcome to use them.


(“sawdust” *6 3 forwards, 3 backwards)

Sawdust sleeps away
the frictional past.
We know our genius
will never last
beyond it final crest,
but such is best.

Some dreamers worship
education in classics,
despairing of this age’s
vast elastics.
enthused by all the trauma.

Vexed and covered,
waiting still,
as the crows shred
husk from kernel.
To the burlap grimace
on a straw-tossed friend,
I lay thinking
on all things vernal.

(shoot them down! oh )*4

Then, shortly am I awakened
by the blasting of bullets.
Roses are dead, and violets, too.
Young poppies have bloomed (blossomed) so few.

– Evan K. Harrington, 1992

The music video at 2 frames per second - bandwidth was a problem then!

Evan K. Harrington

to view the video - look in the video section!!

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Wildgeas Music said

psychedelic vid man. voodoo metal turns me on........

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kirklynch said

Heavy as Hell!

Guest said


Guest said

Powerful words, rockin' guitar and vox!