About "Let's go home"

A typical folk song.

Written and recorded in about an hour for the 24 hour album (attempted on March 13th). Excuse roughness and vocal glitches, it was 2am and this was my first full take.

Thanks to montgomeru for his chord suggestions. In case you weren’t aware, he’s the king of folk, modern and postmodern.

And away we went
Off on our own
Oh so confident
That we’d be coming back home

Time went by
As it always does
And before we realized it
We’d forgotten our trust

Lets go home
I’m tired of wandering around
Let’s go home right now

Years have gone passed
Just like they are days
I didn’t know I could last
so long
so far away

I’m tired of all of this
It’s beautiful here, sure
But it’s just not me

This is our chance
To make love out of life
I know you want it now, need it now
I can see it in your eyes

So lets move forward
One last time
Let’s stop thinking (always thinking)
If it’s wrong or right

Let’s just go home
No more wandering around
Let’s just go home right now.

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