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brand new hobby

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Dedicated to all musicians who get asked “what do expect to get from making music?”

Guest said

I'm new here & I'm pleased! Thank you!

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Sister Savage said

Still brings a smile and makes my pulse rise a little.

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Justin Otter Guy said

I sooooo love this! You ROCK! Rock on!

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another cultural landslide said

Thank you all for your kind comments! We promise to spend more time listening to you folks here on alonetone after the album "last days, last days is finished. Looking forward to some great music!

Guest said

"Living it up on the internet, nobody is lonely any more,cept you and me,baybeh"

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What is this I don't even said

Do. I. Detect. A. Note. Of. Cynicism. Here?

Guest said

Amazing vocal array!

Guest said

ominus wonderfull

Guest said

Still love this. :) Deb

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skowls said


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Alright, I missed this in 2009 - I'm crying over here! Too true!

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Ash Basil Emerald said

Nice intro and transition to a song that's right up my alley.

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OHHO said

Listening to this always gives me a smile!

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Thomas F said

Cool journey of a song

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Gilbert Neilson said

Well, well!! So well put together and such a cool melody, and funny to boot!! Ear candy!

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thetworegs said

Cracking tune

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Djörk said

lol :)

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Chris McGrath said

Ah, had forgotten how much I liked this till I played it again this evening. Going on the double fav playlist!

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History Machine said

Funny stuff in here, good perspective.

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Movement To Contact said

Very cool. Love the lyrics, sound clips, and all of it.

Guest said

So damn brilliant. Completely perfect track.

Guest said

I'll tell you what that was Kirk, it was brilliant.

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Lyndell said

"I thought this an instrumental band. What the hell was that?" The struggle of artist expression in nutshell. What a grande little tune.

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vaisvil said

this is a great tune!! I love the banter and self references.

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Reefwalker said

Wow, great song and creativity in the commentary : P. I need to reconsider even posting on this site !

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This is Great!!!!!!!

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Dave Berry said

This fun, fun, fun!!! And a great song hidden within the fun. And so true too!!!!!!

Guest said

What a year. What a CRAZY year. X

Guest said

Great tune

Guest said

cool tune it has truth in it.

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am/fm dreams said


Guest said

haha speaking of rock band, they got some software out now where you can get your own music into rock band.

Guest said

This is so cool!

Guest said

Haven't heard this one in a while- still BRILLIANT! Oops not logged in. Kirk (the other one)

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Wildgeas Music said

Very Creative and Original! Absolutely NO Stairway or Color my World allowed beyond this point!

Guest said

love this! a song that makes me listen, the topics you sing about make me smile! Thanks for the great comments on my songs too! _dm

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ShamPain said

sounds like my thought processes

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yahondu said

its not about us! wow - theres a thought... thanks for the sane perspective packaged in this zany little tune keep em coming -dave

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yelyah said

I love this one on so many different levels!

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Gareth Grant said

Thanks for your comment. Keep up the good work.

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Oh My Goodness said

WHOA! i never realized how much you sound like David Bowie!

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Johnny Stone said

This is great

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Johnny Stone said

I really dig this whole album

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creeper said

Just stopped by to return the appreciation, but i LOVE this tune!! The sarcastic comments... haven't enjoyed something like that in a while. Just a thought, ever think about swapping the effect of the melody singer and the talking voice? I think it could be an interesting mix. But i am known to be wrong... alot...

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eshar said

Thank you for checking out my tracks and being supportive. I love this song of's so well put together and is great to listen to.

Guest said

More Wendy vocals please.

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Gilbert Neilson said

Great voice and production.

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glu said

you two have 22hrs of favorites! that's awesome!

Guest said

I love the talking! Nothing wrong with surf guitar! Ha! Great tune!

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glu said

not sure if it will go on the next glubotic revision or if it belongs elsewhere. This question gives rise to my multiple-music personality disorder/syndrome. glu.botnet, happy machines, and a few more might get thrown into the next album revision when I get around to it. and the BTTC remix? Any progress?

Guest said

hey... love the voice overs on this song! Very clever! Downloading yer album now...

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jeewee said

Very funny ! ^^

Guest said

This is amazingly clever, brilliantly played and performed. Wow, well done you two.

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dj num izisoundsystem said

what's next alright ... funny as great num

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glu said

i love this more with each play... for new reasons each time...

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Tom Harter said

I love how this track combines humor and a theatrical presentation. I laughed and couldn't turn it off!! Great track.

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Vinyette said

Thanks for the generous comments you left on our songs sir. Love the vocal effects here, masterful production and really entertaining arrangement, the intro transitioning into the verse was a nice touch.

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beatnikturtle said

"You wanna see talent? Come over to my house and watch my kids play Rock Band." Hilarious! I guess I should admit that I occasionally enjoy a bit of Rock Band...

Guest said

I somehow missed this new version! All I can say is "KUUUUUUUDOS!"

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Gumbo said

Oh That's so clever - love it!

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beatnikturtle said

Very cool!


This song almost ruined me...I was in the middle of a pity party and then this turned me around...sheer brilliance...

Guest said

Well said. (Sorry for the spam... I can't sleep. :)

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ShamPain said

love it funny as fu*k

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Jay Durfey said

One of the coolest intros I've ever heard. Fantastic track, lot's going on, with great sound and never over done!

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Floppy Jalopy said

Love It! How did you record the voice inside my head?

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Richard Hardrick said

i'm promoting this track. It must be listened!!!

Guest said

Incredible! So creative! I had no idea you existed until Patrick El Meliani sent me the link to his page "polymood," which has two of your songs on it. Wow! John (creator of SonicMood)

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Richard Hardrick said

I´m a declarated fan :)

Guest said

Great track!

Guest said

This one is my knee-jerk favorite, having only listened through everything once. Very fun, very catchy.

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mmi said

laughing my ass off! Brilliant!