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Words, Music and Lead Vocals: Olivia Winthrop

You’re like a ripple in the water
Always changing never knowing where to go
What’s this place that I don’t know
What are these feelings
feelings that show

I thought that you could hold the ropes
you’re a fake and there’s no hope
I’m just an outcast, You’re a king
I thought we could be

Yeah, we got in the car
And we drove all night
to where the moon and the stars
were shining bright
Oh, I don’t know
If this is where I belong

Is this fate
Is this love
Is this not meant to be
Oh, I don’t know
Which way I’ve got to go

Is it you
Is it me
Or is it my fantasy
Why are we
stuck in this undertow

Sometimes we’re pages in a book
Never having to take a second look
But it’s my life that you took
Baby, by now
You should know

You should treat me like a queen
You’re never the bad boy on the scene
Truth is i’ve never been to keen
When you lie
Bye Bye Bye

So I got in the car
and I drove all day
No, I didn’t think
that I should stay
It will be okay
and try not to pick up the phone

It’s not fate
It’s not love
I guess it’s not meant to be
At least I know
Which way I’ve got to go

Yeah it’s you
It’s not me
Turns out its not my fantasy
I’m glad we
Decided just to leave

We decided to leave

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