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A Little Playing

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Vocal excellence from girl named Sam… Do you really need any other reason to listen?

A Little Playing

Blue sky
Only getting clearer
Blue eyes
Like looking in a mirror
I can tell just what you’re thinking
By that tiny little flicker
With every gentle blinking
Your heart is beating
Your heart is beating quicker

Fire light
Only getting nearer
So quiet
Makes it harder now to hear her
You can tell I’ve been trying
To make your eyes a little brighter
And you halfheartedly denying
Pulls me in
Pulls me in a little tighter

Pull me in a little tighter

Why do you fight that fire inside
You’re a lover, not a fighter

Blue sky
Only getting clearer
Blue eyes
Like looking in a mirror

Blue eyes
Get a little nearer
Blue skies
Only getting clearer

another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

Wow! Your voices were made for each other! I love this! w;-)

Guest said

I can tell that talent runs deeps in the Landry family. Your sister has a great voice as well. The duet works well with two Landrys. It is a nice simple song--melodic, short and sweet. It totally relaxes me. I don't know why. My hat's off to both of you.

Gumbo's avatar
Gumbo said

i had to play this again imeeediately

Guest said

Lovely duet! You have great chemistry, guys!

Guest said

Nicely done guys.

Movement To Contact's avatar
Movement To Contact said

Listened yesterday and loved it but forgot to login. Whoops! Damn fine vox.