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Keep Breathing Slow

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This is the centrepiece of the album; my self-confessed preferred track to RPM HQ. Powerful vocals by Jen Gibbons and heavy beats supplied by Chris Thomas. The drum track was heavily overdriven to crispen it up and the kick was given a lot of extra oomph.

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Endicott Road said

I like this too. I like the melody and the vocal work most of all. ER

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AMUC said

I like that harpsichord-esque synth, and the various twists and turns the vocal melody takes. This album as a whole flows very nicely -- it holds your interest. I haven't gotten bored for a second.

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xenotolerance said

Grew on me as it went, and I bet further listens will only help it. You've got a winner here.

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rob mills said

Have to agree with the Sister. Great production, excellent vocals

Guest said

Oh WOW. This is seven shades of awesome. FANTASTIC. Music is quirky and slick, and wow, can that girl sing sing sing!!!!!!!!!! (Amazing cover art, by the way.)