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tape 6 of 20 6-11-2009 4:11am side A

Uploaded .

from my tapes from 2009 it is part of three tapes digitized … :) the high resolution is here

I put most of the audio tapes on video too.. and uploaded them to youtube then set up a playlist with all the audio tape videos.. here=

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Newbold said

Thanks AMUC yeah this is one of the newer tapes I digitized a few months ago --- I used these digitized tapes in the background on videos as a layer sometimes. it is what I have been doing with these taped sounds.---

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AMUC said

I like this sort of thing - it reminds me of what you hear on shortwave in an empty spot where there are no voices. You get atmospherics and other artifacts from technological devices. At times it can almost sound musical.