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Summer Daze

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Millions of years ago… Before the dawn of history… I was a in a school band. I couldn’t play an instrument then so I was the vocalist. This tune was one of the band’s originals.

Now, bear in mind this was the ‘Ay-deees’ so it was mullets, stonewashed jeans and lashings of Aramis… Along with dodgy lyrics like “Melodrama’s so much fun… when you’re lying in the sun” 😳 (I was listening to a lot of Duran Duran at the time)

I’ve tried to recreate the essence of the song here - I desperately want to sing the original lyrics but I’m separated from my home studio for the time being. The Middle 8 is new but I wanted it to fit with the original feel of the song.

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Shed Sounds said

Thanks @AMUC 🤗

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AMUC said

I'm digging the synthesizers here and their playful melodies.

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Sister Savage said

Bouncy poppy wonderfulness!

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Shed Sounds said

That's just made me laugh out loud @Andrew! 😂

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Andrew Russe said

Summery - check, Duran Duran - check, Cow Bell- check, all present and correct :) Cool sounds. I was at university, in a rock/metal band, writing songs with titles like "Daughter Of The Pharoahs" ("You've got the looks of your motherrr... Stained with the blood of your brotherrrr") .... I liked Duran Duran, but the dudes I was with would not be convinced that "catchy" was a good thing... Funnily enough, I found a photo a while back - I was the only one who would have looked out of place in a Duran Duran photoshoot!!