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Guest said

I stumbled upon your music during my first visit to Opsound. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Lisa, Ottawa, Canada

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pharmakeus said

Gust #96 was not wrong. This is scrumptiously romantic. But Inner Mechanics was more ambitious? But I am an ignoramus

Guest said

You are a super star. This is one of the best piano composition of all time. It makes me cry and happy at the same time. What a wonderfull peace. My fovorite. Thank you for that great peace. Nate De Brand

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

your music is really beautiful! Thanks so much!

Guest said

Further evidence that the retreat had to free the inspiration. The retreat had to withdraw.

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willis said

Nice composition! I'm glad this could be the last piece of music I hear before retiring.

Guest said

I was very lucky to found your music and main page

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Johnny Stone said

Excellent beautiful

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thetworegs said

Dreamy ......

Guest said always. thanks Peter for your music

Guest said

That's why I am a fan!

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slkrell said

Strength, emotive and moving. I am a fan

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

absolutely gorgeous! I could listen to this all night

Guest said

very nice…. sounds like a track that I heard some time back by, if I recall his name, George Winston

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Gene Eric Mann said

Gorgeous. lovely performance, timely executed, carefully delivered with a tasteful caressing of the ivory. A fabulous composition, moving, touching, reaching beneath the skin for the heart and soul.

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richardlaceves said

excellent, i have been waiting for more of your music

Guest said

Beautiful, memorable and moving.