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I’ll stand above this cliff
And offer up my soul
Would there be an end to pain
To jump in to this hole

Could this be goodbye
If there’s a light below me
Will it set me free

Could I fly today
Is this my only option
Close my eyes (and pray)

With no-one here to help
Only Ravens see my tears
There is no way back
(for me it seems)
I’ll fly against my fears
(fulfil my dreams)

So this is goodbye
Feathers of black surround me
Lift my head and soar

With Raven I will fly
Nothing is going to stop me
Peace forever more

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AMUC said

This is beautiful. It reminds me of After Forever at their most mellow.

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Endicott Road said

I listened to several of your songs, and I liked this one the most. The lyrics and vocals and the almost haunted feel of the song were most appealing. Well done.

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kavin. said

I’ll keep saying it! Great great song!