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Gas Can

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A very bitter account of leaving a job.

Don’t burn the bridge they say
Yet here I stand any way
With a can of gas and a match
In my hand
Thinking how after all this time
Still not sure what’s yours and what’s mine
And neither of us is sure
We can walk away

You say you want to try
But I’m quite sure I’ve heard that lie
Come out of your mouth
So many times before
“It’ll be different this time”
Sounds just like another line
You’re feeding me
To try to make me stay

You think you own me
But I don’t owe you
You think you know me
But I don’t know you

Guest said

Great song, fine guitar work. Is that a Rickenbaker bass you are playing?

Gumbo's avatar
Gumbo said

Still my favourite from this solid album. Great stuff Tim.

Guest said

Hooky, great vocals, especially where there are two together.

Guest said

Really good song, very catchy.. Wife keeps telling me to shut up and stop humming it as we make dinner. MJ

Mr Sandbags's avatar
Mr Sandbags said

Love the sound.

hojorising's avatar
hojorising said

This is a very Suave Song!!! Nice Job......