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Postcards from Neptune

Product of noodling around. Lead guitars are a combo of UAD’s Nigel plugin and the Fractal Axe Fx. Clean guitars are the Fractal. The outro guitars are my Princeton Recording amp.

I played the piano’s through my midi guitar and Axon. You can never have enough toys.

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Guest said

Shaggy used me

Guest said

this song has a nice feel to it

Sister Savage said

Beautifully played.

Guest said

Nice track! Enjoyed it.

Gene Eric Mann said

Smooth, sweet, enchanting.

Guest said

love the guitar work nice tune really enjoyed just sitting down and relaxing while listening. Nice tune to have playing on the back deck this summer.

newbold said

isn’t it more like electronic media then say a stamped post card from outerspace? very well much to mellow for me but i like it none the less.

Endicott Road said

Excellent guitar work on your songs. Enjoyed listening to them.

ithar said

Great tones and dynamic progress!!

thetworegs said

still a thing of beauty……“

Reefwalker said

great wide open lead guitar feel. well put together tune.
Thanks for explaining how you did it too.

MusicManiac said

very pleasant!

Frank said

Perfect guitar,great song

sheky said

Not true - I still see one alien in the fav box.

vaisvil said

no aliens in the fav box - but still 89 favs - interesting.

Guest said

Great tune nice work.

I Among Giants said

i love the alturnitive atmisphere. :)
good guitars keep it up guys!

Guest said

Nice one great sound mate

Vestigial Remorse said

cool sound :)

kirklynch said

Wow! Nice guitar sounds. Both the lead sounds and the clean sounds are very cool!

sheky said

well that, and the aliens. This track seems to have hit a nerve in those from Neptune.

Guest said

Some stunning guitar work on here. I can see why it’s had so many listens!
Sounds terrific.

Rick Phillips said

Obvious guitar mastery!

Visions of Nell said

Liking this mellow groove - especially the fingerpicking during the lighter parts.
-Tess (Sister Savage)

vaisvil said

well I guess there goes any meaning for the charts at AT.

AMUC said

Wow - nice guitaring on this one.

(Yes spellcheck - guitaring is a word..)

vaisvil said

A suggestion. Delete this song (and any others like this) and then upload it. That will get rid of the aliens.

kavin. said

Hehe. Not Howie. Harvey Mandel is a guitarist from the 70’s, this tune reminded me of his style.

sheky said

Never heard of him. Unless you mean the Game show host.

kavin. said

Great solid playing. Ever heard of Harvey Mandel?

Movement To Contact said

Tasty licks….

Norm said

Tasty piece! Adored by aliens too!

Wildgeas Music said

Looks like the aliens got to your post.

I like your style Sheky. Good music.

sheky said

Hillside New Jersey. Team of Ukranian spammers stay in the basement.

vaisvil said

I guess you brought your fans with you to AT. Where are you from?

thetworegs said

you certainly know how to play that thing…….another beauty

Billy Jack said

nice soloing work