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Just a Dream '13

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The year was 1989 and my high school rock band, Tempest Fero, was feelin’ proggie! I can’t remember who wrote what for this one. I do know we were quite stoked to have the little 4/4 to 3/4 to 6/8 thing at the end of the quiet parts. I also think that the verses in the heavy section in the middle originally had gtr/bass/keys playing in 4/4 and drums playing in 3/4. Eventually it morphed into this. I am pretty sure that this morning marked the first time I’d ever sung this song and is it me or do I sound drunk? I must have been more exhausted today than I thought.

Rock On.

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Double Trouble said

Saying Hi... We just joined a couple of hours ago and are listening to a few of the artists. We really enjoyed this piece! Has a bit of a throwback sound while still sounding contemporary. Nice job! Alan & Di (aka Double Trouble)

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jip said

Nice change of rhythms

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AMUC said

I'm digging the twists and turns this song is taking. The mix sounds really good.