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The Phantom Pirate (Captain Isaac Goldsack) - Mash up mix

Based on a poem by William Sharp that I found while researching my family history.

The poem has been put to music once already, by one Christopher Goldsack, but I wanted to put my own little twist on it.

Horror meets pirate meets disco meets jungle meets me reading poetry - yes, a total mash up!

Samples from Mixcraft used in the making of The Phantom Pirate :)

Enjoy xox

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World War Nine said

Aye, that Captain is a creeper, a'skulkin’ down irie morning.

‘N'ah cannah tell from the way he is lookin’ at you, never you mind the peacock feather in ‘is hand, but, yea cannah be sure that his intentions are matching your ambitions, that, 'e be sure to sell you your hand, after you’ve had a hook fitted to replace:

in fact, the Captain will serve you your hand, parboiled with a side of parsnips, under the irie moon, if'n you 'aven’t found something to eat, by then.


the mystery tramp said

Dancey you’re right! I don’t manage to get everything down on tape, but I do some similar things. I’ve got books full of lyrical ideas. Fab

Fyrce Muons said

I love this!

informal grae said

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! moody and so atmospheric. Yo Ho! Yo Ho! G:)

informal grae said


darkarma said

Ahoy there Captn Goldsack. :)

Brett Warren said

kate bush meets depeche mode… cool stuff.

AMUC said

I like this. It has a really creepy vibe to it.

Guest said

Patti Smith meets Donovan down below the ocean, love it.

Guest said

Really well done your ladyship!
I like the way it funks up half way through!

georgiagoldsack said

its great how you created the music yourself :-D

richardlaceves said

family history engh? it will catch you up every time,, interesting mix/feel,,

Movement To Contact said

Very interesting Jane :)

thetworegs said

Nicely put together Lady……well read….good music ……excellent….

Guest said

Wild!!!! Excellent spoken word spinning this eerie tale, and the music is stirring and dramatic! Fun and scary!

Guest said

Wow, this is really well done. I can ‘see’ the story.

JamesRaimondi said

Very cool with story and spoken word over electronica….unique and well done.

Guest said


markgoldsack said

I love it, but you’ve scared little Georgia Goldsack :)

The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said


Andrew Russe said

This is a real grower. I appreciated it when you first posted it, but it didn’t grab me personally - i was in a different place, I guess.

But listening again today - woo… I been grabbed :)

Greg Connor said

This is a spine tingler.

So now I have to ask … how does this relate to your family history?

Guest said

Among the tangled weed, yah Hoh
Good one!

jip said