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NGC 6611

Uploaded .

Far out, man

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James Michael Taylor said

This and djorklandia sound like movie music to me. Grand landscapes and epic travel shots.

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AMUC said

Nice -- this sounds fantastic through headphones. I like how the bass is clearly separated out from the higher instruments.

Guest said


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Jason Earls said

excellent, so musical! wish i could compose stuff like this...

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Reefwalker said

trip thru space, I like the change ups throughout. Nylon? guitar bit is a great addition to the various textures here.

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kirklynch said

Oh Yes! This is excellent!

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Norm said

Far out indeed. Nice work.

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Nosda Cariad said

Excellent arrangements

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Movement To Contact said

Awesome-O :)

Guest said

Dig the name, (nylon guitar?) - Far out, man!

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Andrew Russe said

Woo - lots happening in here. Cool sounds. Nice one.

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Breaking Light said

Great groove and good nebula to look at thru a telescope!

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Djörk said

yes, one of my favorite nebulas :)

Guest said

New Genearl Catalogue object 6611 ? Eagle Nebula :Far out indeed

Guest said

Another beauty. Love your stuff, D.

Guest said

well done.