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Uploaded .

First attempt at trying out Ozone 5 for mastering.
Stuff used:
EZdrummer dfh
Superior Drummer 2.0
Amplitube 3 custom shop
Overloud TH2

Unit 731's avatar
Unit 731 said

To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing. It's so much to wrap my head around, I've just been going through all the presets and was like 'yeah, I guess this sounds alright' Thanks though.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

The mastering went well! Ive been doing the same, just trying it out. Used Ozone 5 on the last 3 tracks. Not to great effect as yet. Great title by the way. :)

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Unit 731 said

The guitars and bass are real, the drums are programmed with Ezdrummer and Superior Drummer

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AMUC said

Nice! Is this entirely electronic, or are you mixing in electronic elements with real instruments? (The guitars sound real to me.)

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Fyrce Muons said

Great tune, great sound!