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Monsters Under The Bed

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With the flick of a switch when the light ran away
And the last scraps of daylight abandoned
Instead of feeling secure inside the cozy retreat
There were noises just outside on the landing
When the shadows crept through the deepening gloom
A twinkle through a crack fell in the middle of the room
But it was not quite enough to scare the monsters away
Their presence a reminder of that dark cabaret
Oh no

They kept ignoring what the little boy said
There’s monsters under the bed

For now the Kraken awoke and with a smile on it’s face
Wrapped it’s leathery tentacles round them
With it’s suckers gripped tight there was no will to fight
And it pulled all the helpless towards it
Looking on was a dog with huge glowing red eyes
That stared at his victims till they were all hypnotised
Yet no matter the pain that they were all going through
Not one was prepared to shout the opposite view
Oh no

From the coffin he rose and with tears in his eyes
He blew off the dust from around him
Then the vampire proceeded to suck the well dry
The ghost of emotions unfounded
The shark had eloped with the invisible man
But the slime had remained as the final exam
Yet it all fell apart just like the mummies remains
And forever and ever cycles over again
Oh no

Guest said

Great Ska touch!

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Orphans said

Awesome stuff